Carl Cacho

Blue Around The Edges

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released 1998

“Blue Around The Edges” came out in 1998 and has appearances from Catie Curtis, Ellis Paul, Kris Delmhorst and Kevin So - Here is what “Soundcheck Magazine” had to say about it:

“Fronting countrified contemporary acoustic songs, Carl Cacho's voice reaches right through the speakers and beckons your ears to his heartfelt, soul-touching music. With a voice that is warm and comfortable as well as it is strong and confident, Carl expresses emotions, shares thoughts, and opens the windows of the mind with well-written, sincere songs. His lyrics read directly and clearly yet are still rooted with a great deal of depth. I particularly noticed and loved his vivid and poetic descriptive wordings: " When the cord meets the knife/And you float from your mother/like a new balloon in flight/Into this world, there you go" ("In This World"), and "Her smile it's just a rainbow coming/when the storm has left you cold/her stories are like big roadmaps/the way that they unfold" ("Not A Young Girl") - just a wonderful way with words. “  

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