Carl Cacho

Cacho’s songwriting is stunning, images honed to perfection: Cameos with photographic intensity.

The Lancaster Times

Cacho performed two absolutely beautiful songs and exhibited a relaxed, self-effacing stage presence which won over the audience…

Mac McLanahan, Rose Garden Coffeehouse

Incredible songwriting…the imagery was riveting…

Vance Gilbert, Singer/Songwriter

Blessed with a poet's insight and a soothing, expressive voice, Cacho touches on elements of country-blues and Harry Chapin style story-telling. Honest, emotive and finely crafted.

Northeast Performer Magazine

That is what is so amazing about Carl Cacho’s debut album…features appearances by Ellis Paul, Catie Curtis, Kevin So…Cacho presents comfortable, honest and well-crafted sing-alongs and solo pieces with humble grace and flair…

The Boston Globe

Where the **&# have you been hiding?

Folk Legend Jack Hardy on hearing Carl for the first time